By Gwendolyn Phair


16,000 PSI is an exploration of pressure in its many forms, societal, familial, personal, and sexual. Each character navigates the sea of pressures that they are under through living. Mary and Salem, debate the ethics of ambition. Amira explores the definition of respect, and the challenges of being a woman in the workforce. Victoria, fears for her daughters on the precipice of new chapters in their lives, while tallying if her own life has been fulfilling. Susan, who has been ostracized from her career, sees all and offers advice. Bill, struggling with addiction, contemplates his social standing and what being the ‘Man of the House’ really means. Richard has come to test the waters of personal and professional relationships and is on the hunt. Finally, Nolan strives to be a supportive fiancé. The story unfolds at two work parties hosted at Victoria’s and Bill’s home, ten years apart. When you dive deep into this ocean one hopes not to be crushed by the PSI.

Gwendolyn Phair

Gwendolyn Phair


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